ALL Fragrances may be reformulated as of 12/2017

Due to a fire at the plant (BASF) that makes some of the raw materials that go into our fragrances most were forced to be reformulated. Due to the magnitude of this situation, Aztec (and the manufacturers) is unable to provide samples of any rebalanced formulas.  To be clear, there may be olfactory, chemical and other differences between the previously provided formulations and the rebalanced formulations.  Prior to production we advise you to perform any and all reasonable test procedures on the rebalanced formulations to ensure that the rebalanced formulations are acceptable.  Aztec (and the manufacturers) will not be responsible for any damages associated with the differences between your original formulations and the rebalanced formulations.  We anticipate a switch back to the original versions as soon as BASF resumes its normal supply which is currently estimated to be late 2018

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