Aztec's Soapers Blend Cold Process Soap Base

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Our proprietary blend of coconut, palm, and olive oil is mixed in such a way that it stays liquid at room temperature. Just mix your water and lye mixture and let it cool to room temperature and no heating is needed what so ever! Details are located below New to cold/hot process soap making? Checkout our most recent class below

Look below the reviews for instructions

Look below the reviews for instructions

Aztec's Soapers Blend Recommended Mixing Procedure

Our AZ Soapers Blend goes through a unique process which makes it liquid and mixed at room temperature. It will get thicker as the temperature goes below 65 Degrees F. It is a stable mix of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Olive Oil. Other additives can be added but please make sure you ratio of AZ Soapers Blend: Water: Sodium Hydroxide stays the same.


Make sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear and if very sensitive a mask can be worn when dealing with Sodium Hydroxide. Also only use thick plastic or stainless steel with Sodium Hydroxide as it will eat through or break most anything else. Although the blend is stable (shouldn’t separate) we do recommend stirring before using the blend.

Preweight your water and sodium hydroxide to the exact amounts shown. Cold water works the best to keep the heat from rising to high. If you want to do a smaller batch please make sure and downsize every amount by the same percentage. I will give a full batch and a quarter batch below.

Slowly add the Sodium Hydroxide to the water (never add water to the Sodium Hydroxide). Sodium Hydroxide is hydrothermal so as you add the sodium hydroxide to the water it will begin to get very hot. Let this mixture cool back down to room temperature or very close to it. You want everything fairly close to the same temperature.

Add this mixture of water/sodium hydroxide to your Soapers Blend Base, add premeasured fragrance and color (liquid candle dye) to desired color. Use a stick mixer (you can get one at Bed Bath & Beyond or any store like that) to mix or you will be mixing for 20-30 minutes. If you don’t mix well enough your soap will not bond. Blend with the stick mixer till your soap is the consistency of a light pancake batter. Pour into mold and play with it as desired. That’s about all there is to it.

By percentages of weight
62.57 % AZ Soapers Blend
22.98% Tap Water (or Distilled)
8.95% Sodium Hydroxide Beads
5.51% Fragrance Oil

By Grams for a 11.9lb Batch
3380.35g AZ Soapers Blend
1241.63g Tap Water (or Distilled)
483.26g Sodium Hydroxide Beads
297.41g Fragrance Oil

Quarter Batch by Grams 3lbs
845.08g AZ Soapers Blend
310.40g Tap Water (or Distilled)
120.81g Sodium Hydroxide Beads
74.35g Fragrance Oil

This will make a 3% Free Oil Soap.
To make a higher % of free Oil take 10g of Sodium Hydroxide away (473.26g) PER 2% of free oil added (with a full batch) or 2.5g away (118.31) for a quarter batch.

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