Candle and Soap Making Supplies

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700 Series Cotton Core Wicks (Our most popular line and can be used in both Paraffin and Soy waxes)

Zinc Core Wicks (Most commonly used with paraffin waxes)

Paper Core Wicks (Most commonly used with soy waxes)

HTP Paper Wicks (Most commonly used with soy waxes. Most use the normal paper core above)

Wooden Wick (Work well with both soy and paraffin waxes)

Raw Wicking (Used for making pillar candles. Is not waxed or tabbed)

Wick Tabs (Used if making your own wicks which is very rare or if you have extra wick left after trimming to create a second wick)

Wick stickers, Trimmers, and Centers

Picking a wick 101

First select the kind of wick - Here are a few tips/hints/things to consider
- For picking the type of wick there is no real "correct" one. Zinc was the standard for many years and works very well in paraffin candles, but now days the paper and especially the cotton core have become very popular
- Our Premier series is a cotton core wick and is what we would recommend using if you do not have a preference.

Selecting a Size
- The size of your wick will be determined mainly by the diameter of your container
- The amount of fragrance, dye, and other additives will have an effect on your wick selection
- Also single pour waxes and soy waxes usually require a slightly bigger wick